Why You Should Buy an Electric Vehicle In India? (10-Killer reasons you must know!)

As things have started becoming modern day-by-day, so are the daily requirements of the people. Let it be your daily commute to the office or your college or even a short ride through the countryside. We want something to be reliable, economical and efficient.

For this purpose people generally opt either for budget scooters or fuel-efficient motorbikes to get the best economy possible. But what if I tell you that you no longer need those fuel-efficient vehicles as something very astonishing is on its way to the Indian Market in bulk.

Guess what I am talking about?

Electric vehicles (especially two-wheelers), the vehicles of the future.

You might be a petrol head but you can’t deny the fact that the future is all-electric and we must similarly welcome these vehicles as we did for the IC engine vehicles some decades back. People still think that electric vehicles are boring, slow and whatnot.

Well, I am here to tell you about the same. So, keep up the pace as we are going to the world of electric vehicles and I bet you’ll fall in love with these machines after reading the entire article. So let us see why you should buy an Electric Vehicle In India? And the 10-Killer Reasons You Must Know!

So, let’s begin!

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#1. Electric Vehicles will be Economically light on your pocket:

We Indians are generally obsessed with a beautiful term “KITNA DETI HAI?”, that we even ask it for the electric vehicles.“ELECTRIC HAI, SHOCK DETI HAI” being one of the coolest replies ever. Well here, I will honestly tell you that electric vehicles are known for there efficiency and you won’t regret your decision buying one for your daily commute (The last 4 words have a meaning, will tell you at the end).

Coming to the technical part, Electric vehicles generally rely on 3 kinds of Motors i.e., AC Induction motor, Brushed DC motor and Brushless DC motor.

The efficiency of an induction motor is around 60% approximately (depending upon various other factors as well), while a brushless DC motors offer an even superior efficiency of more than 90% approximately. This factor puts them stand strong against their petrol and diesel counterparts. 

But, I have seen people often complaining about the cost of electric vehicles. Yes, it is true that initially, the cost of these vehicles is a bit high than the conventional IC engine vehicles. That is because of the cost of the huge batteries needed to support the vehicle for long distances.

But it is just a one-time investment and over a while, you will witness that your savings have been increased as you won’t be dealing with the maintenance of your car/bike which will inadvertently become more profitable. So it is a good option for Indian people to buy Electric Vehicle.

#2. Experience Instant Torque :

Driver Experiencing Instant Torque on Electric Vehicle

In this department, no one can compete with the all electrics. They are freakingly quick and all of the torque is there for you from the initial point of the rev band till the red line.

Torque is something where you feel the joy of riding, greater the acceleration, greater is the joy of riding (of course safety must be kept in mind).

In layman terms, your car/bike will take less time to attain higher speeds as the acceleration is constant throughout the rev band.

#3. sshhh it’s quiet:

A man riding Ather electric Scooty
Ather – The new Electric scooter in India

Generally, I have heard from many petrol heads saying “LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES”, the fact is, no matter how loud you go you can’t predict what’s gonna happen. Moreover, I have not seen any cases where because of loud exhausts the accident was prevented. In the end, the only thing matters is your skills and alertness.

Loud noises do more harm to you and as well as your surroundings. Now, this statement might hurt a few, but the fact is, Noise pollution will affect us in so many different ways.

It will affect your hearing (in extreme cases, even severe injuries are possible), fatal for heart patients and you look squid 😛 (just joking)!

#4. Electric Vehicles are Reliable:

When it comes to reliability, I would say that the future is going to be smooth for these electric vehicles because of their reliability factor.

You don’t need much maintenance, Cheaper charging stations, eco-friendly and whatnot. These factors are a few of those options of opting for electric vehicles. One must think of the benefits one is getting by choosing these vehicles instead of focusing on the current infrastructure.

As the Indian government will develop it, there is no doubt about that. Also, manufacturers will start spending on the research and development of these machines, once they get to know about the requirements of the customers and the expectations from the company for providing something which can surely change the way we look at EVs.

And all of this will have a good future of Electric Vehicle in India

#5. Maintenance is the key factor:

a rear view of the tesla car from inside

In terms of maintenance, conventional IC engines can’t have a stance against EVs. Since IC engines have more than 200 different parts, it becomes difficult to maintain such complex machines over a while (as compared to electric vehicles).

When it comes to an EV, things are quite different. Here is just one whole of a moving part i.e., the motor which is less complex than any conventional engine available today. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about changing engine oil, checking emission norms, etc. You just have to focus on tyres and brakes which need to be replaced and fitted over a period of time.  

#6. Electric Vehicles run on the cleanest form of energy available:

tesla electric car is being charged in Tesla Supercharger
Tesla Supercharger

Ever noticed why government and most of the MNCs are focussing on the adoption of Solar panels? Well, the cleanest form of energy can only be achieved using renewable sources of energy.

As we know, the sun is the ultimate source of energy, solar panels can be used anytime to produce electricity and fulfil all of our energy requirements.

Now coming back to our EVs, Since, most of the energy requirements today are being fulfilled by conventional sources of energy which are non-renewable. So, if you getting electricity supply from a Thermal Power Plant and use it for charging your EV, you are doing no good for the environment.

As it is not in our hands to choose the power plant. We can urge the government to do something good for citizens so as to opt for EVs.

If I just talk about the emissions from an EV, they don’t pollute the environment. It is just that they are being charged by the electricity produced from a thermal power plant. Although EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions, probably the reason Indian people must buy Electric Vehicle.

They can help in reducing the overall pollution. Charging them from a solar panel would be even more beneficial.

#7. Government is subsidizing EVs in India:

man driving a tesla

Here in Bharat, the government has announced to provide subsidy on electric vehicles to encourage the citizens to buy EVs. This is the right time that you must think and decide what are your requirements so that an EV could fit in your lifestyle with ease and your daily commute will be another big thing full of joy and enthusiasm.

With government subsidizing your EV, it will not impact much on your pocket and you can freely save a lot of money to spend on something else.

#8. Clean-go-green:

As I said earlier, EVs can help replenish everything humans have destroyed on this planet by cutting all the emissions and hence saving the environment from CO2 (Carbon Di-Oxide), CO (Carbon Mono-Oxide) and many harmful gases encircling the globe causing global warming.

But the main point here is if are getting the energy from renewable sources of energy or just from the regular thermal power plant.

But that is another story to concern, till then we can cut down the emissions significantly by opting for EVs. A pretty green choice. Right?

#9. Re-Fuelling is a thing of the past:

Charging might take some time but you won’t be dependent on the fuel bunks to re-fuel/recharge your vehicle. You can easily charge your EV at home.

Most of the EVs these days might take 4-6 hours of charging from a standard charger, so you can put it on charging overnight and take it to the work the next morning without worrying about standing in a long queue to refuel.

Many private players along with government are planning to set up charging stations like just we have fuel bunks for our petrol/diesel vehicles. Fast chargers can save a lot more of your precious time than the standard chargers.

#10. Less Consumption Less Demand:

As we know, the requirements of petroleum products are very high and most of it is for the purpose of operating our vehicles.

Just imagine, what if all of us start using electric vehicles and we won’t have to rely on petrol imports from OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)?

We will do multiple services to the nation and to the mother earth as well. Since the requirements will be less, so will be the production and we can let nature heal by providing it to recover from all sort of extraction of crude oil since ages. 


Electric Vehicles future in India
Tesla electric car

As we are approaching a technologically advanced world, things get advanced day-by-day. Things which we criticize today become the need of our daily life later on.

Same is the case with EVs. Remember the time when Petrol and Diesel powered vehicles hit the market? At that time, fuel bunks were rare so was the choice and vision of the people towards these vehicles. As things passed by, so does the mentality of people. Now people use them for all of their requirements.

Similar is the case with EVs, Right now, they might not be as popular and appealing as their petrol/diesel counterparts but believe me their time will come and we shall welcome these machines as they are going to be the future anyhow.

The flaws today will be amended and we will be enjoying these machines so soon. Your choice can change the future, make sure it will be worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Electric Vehicles (EV) in India

1. Why does India need electric vehicles?

Seeing the rapid growth In the Indian Economy and the population we can say that the Automobile users and buyers in India are increasing day by day, and this is not happening just in India but in every developing country. Therefore the demand for natural resources like petrol and diesel is also increasing. That’s Why Electronic Vehicles will not only help to save the natural resources but it will also help to reduce the pollution.

2. Can we charge an Electric vehicle at home?

Yes! You can charge an electric car at home. Most of theEVs take 4-6 hours of charging from a standard charger, so you can put it on charging overnight and take it to the work the next morning without worrying about standing in a long queue to refuel.

3. How many km can an Electric vehicle can go?

It depends upon the various factors such as the Battery capacity, motor, Road condition and driving. It has been observed that many EV can go up to 100+ KM in a single charge and some of the EV are capable of going 400+ KM.

4. What are the electric cars available in India?

Here are the list of the latest Electric Cars available and about to come in India.
1.Honda Accord Hybrid
2.Hyundai Kona
3.Lexus LS 500h
4.Lexus RX 450h
5.Lexus NX 300h
6.Mercedes-Benz EQC
7.Audi A3 e-tron
8.Volvo XC90 T8 Plug-In Hybrid
9.BMW i8
10.TATA Nexon(electric)

5. What are the few of the electric two-wheelers available in India 2019?

Here are the best electric scooter available in India in 2020
1. Ather 450
2. EMFlux One(upcoming)
9.Tork T6X(upcoming)
3. Revolt RV400
4. EMFlux One(upcoming)
9. Tork T6X(upcoming)

6. Is India ready for electric vehicles?

Not every part of India is ready for the car but still, the metro cities are ready for the electronic cars in India and even people have started using. Some of the areas are not convenient for the electronic car because of the poorly structured Road and unavailability of the electricity.

7. What are the advantages of Electronic Vehicles?

These are the various advantages of Electronic Vehicle.
#1 Electronic Vehicle are comparatively economical and incur less maintenance cost as compared to a petrol/diesel vehicle.
#2 Its a Myth that Electronic Vehicle does not have high torque
#3 Its Silent engine helps to reduce noise pollution.
#4 Electronic Vehicle is reliable and easy to use.
#5 It runs on the cleanest form of energy available and helps in sustainable development.

8. What is the future of electric vehicles in India?

Right now, Electric Vehicles might not be as popular and appealing as their petrol/diesel counterparts but believe it or not Electric vehicles are the future their time will come and we shall welcome these machines as they are going to be the future anyhow.

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