5 Tips To Remove Rust From Motorcycle Without Wasting Your Money!

Rusting of Iron is a natural phenomenon and it is obvious that your motorcycle will start rusting after some years of use!

But in some cases, if you are not taking proper preventions and care of your motorcycle then it can lead to premature rusting of your motorcycle, which I am sure you don’t want to happen!

Today I will share some tips and tricks to keep your new motorcycle rust-free by removing rust from various parts of the motorcycle.

So if you are wondering that how can you take care of your bike to prevent it from rusting then this guide is for you!

So follow these 5 steps to remove rust from your motorcycle!

1: Remove rust from Motorcycle wheels

how to Remove rust from Motorcycle wheels

Motorcycle wheels are continuously in touch with all the dirt and water hence it is likely to get rusted sooner than any other part of the motorcycle.

If you won’t take proper action to keep your motorcycle clean then small- small brown patches will start appearing on the motorcycle rims and eventually, your motorcycle wheel will become brown(Rusted) and all the shine will be lost!

Therefore you should always make sure that you wash your motorcycle wheels in every 2-3 weeks and after washing the wheels make sure that you let it dry completely. After that you can apply some Anti-rusting spray.

Also make sure that you do proper greasing of the bearing ball of wheel so it will rotate smoothly.

Now let us see how to remove rust from motorcycle spokes!

1.2 How to remove rust from motorcycle spokes

The motorcycle spokes often get rusted easily.
If you are able to see a small brown patch on the spokes then it means your motorcycle wheel spokes have started rusting!

The best way to remove rust from motorcycle spokes is to clean the spokes with sand paper and remove all the rust from it, for better results, you can also use a brass wire-bristled brush.

Make sure that you remove all the rust from the spokes by scrubbing it with the sand paper and then apply chrome polish or a rust removing spray
this will prevent your spokes from getting rusted.

2: Remove rust from Motorcycle Gas Tank

First, you have to check the condition of the gas tank, If it is fully rusted and hasn’t used from years then its good to replace it.
If The rust is not much then you can follow this small trick to remove rust easily

2.1: Here is a step by step tutorial to remove rust from motorcycle gas tank

  1. First, remove the gas tank carefully and make sure you don’t lose the nuts and bolts.
  2. Then take white vinegar and pour it inside the gas tank and close its cap.
  3. Now shake the tank for 15-20 mins with full energy till you get exhausted!
  4. After shaking, remove the vinegar from it and again put the vinegar and shake it!
  5. Now remove the vinegar and again pour more vinegar and close the cap and put your Gas tank aside for 1 day!
  6. Next day remove all the vinegar and keep it for drying and you will see all the rust has gone!

If you don’t have Vinegar then you can use other stuff instead of vinegar. I am sure you will like this small guide on how to remove rust using homemade products.

3: Remove rust from Motorcycle chain

remove rust from Motorcycle chain

Motorcycle chain is made up of iron which is more prone to rust so you should always take proper care of the chain to remove rust.

Especially in the rainy season when the chances of getting your motorcycle chain rusted are very high therefore you have to make sure that you take proper action to prevent it from getting rusted!

3.1: Follow these steps to remove rust from motorcycle chain

  1. First, Clean your motorcycle chain with a Chain cleaner Spray. If you don’t have a chain cleaner then you can also use kerosene which will work like a charm!
  2. After cleaning it with Kerosene scrub your motorcycle chain and make sure you remove all the dirt and rust from your chain!
  3. After Scrubbing your motorcycle chain thoroughly again spray Kerosene to the chain and let it rest for 1-2 hrs.
  4. Now take a chain lube spray and apply it on the chain!
  5. That’s it you are ready to ride!

4: Remove rust from Motorcycle exhaust pipe

Remove rust from Harley Davidson exhaust pipe

Motorcycle Exhaust pipe often gets rusted or become blue in colour which happens due to high temperature.

Even if your motorcycle is new you will see that the Exhaust pipe is turning blue or yellow in color and some parts are becoming rusted!

To remove rust from motorcycle exhaust pipe you need 3 things.

  • Sandpaper
  • Vinegar
  • Chrome polish spray

4.1: How to remove rust from Motorcycle exhaust pipe

  1. First, take the sandpaper and scrub to the rusted parts of the exhaust pipe.
  2. After Rusting it thoroughly spray Vinegar.
  3. You can also take a small piece of cloth and make it completely wet with vinegar and then rap that cloth around the exhaust pipe and keep it like that for 2-3 hrs.
  4. After that, again spray some vinegar and again scrub it with the sandpaper to remove all the rust!
  5. Once you feel the rust has been removed then let it dry.
  6. When the exhaust pipe is completely dry take chrome polish spray and apply it thoroughly!
  7. Wow, it’s looking completely new!

5: Bonus Tips to keep your Motorcycle Rust-Free!

man taking care of his bike

Some parts of the Motorcycle usually gets rusted easily therefore it is your duty to prevent it from getting rusted!

If you are living in an area where it rains most of the time then you should make sure that you try to keep your motorcycle dry by covering it when not in use.

Also, make sure you apply grease in wheels bearings, chain and other moving parts!
Also, you can apply chrome polish spray for the extra care!

Do you know that iron tends to get rusted soon near the sea because of humidity?

Yes, It is completely true. If you are living near the coastal line or your region is near the beach then you should make sure that you should keep your motorcycle always dry.

Make sure you do some extra care of your bike by keeping it dry when ever possible and keep it lubricated.

Keeping your motorcycle lubricated will not only prevent rust but it will also help to increase the Mileage of your motorcycle.

So these were the 5 tips to remove rust from Motorcycle.

I am sure I would have missed some points!
If you can provide some other tips which you think can help prevent the bike from getting rusted then feel free to share it in the comment section below!

Have a happy and safe ride!

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