How to Increase the Mileage of a Bike (10 Tips from Pro Bikers)

When a new bike is launched, one of the main features which is more focused is the Mileage!

The Mileage of the bike is the first priority for any biker especially in Countries like India where petrol is highly expensive!

Everybody expects that the Mileage of the Motorcycle should meet the exact figure which is claimed by the Motorcycle Company!
and of course, it’s not always the same.

Everyone has only one question in mind and that is – how to increase the mileage of a bike or how to increase fuel economy of bike.

To be honest, the Mileage of your bike depends on various factors like maintenance, How you ride the bike, Condition of the road etc.

When your bike is new, it tends to give pretty good fuel efficiency, and when your motorcycle becomes older with improper maintenance, its engine tends to become less efficient and hence becomes less fuel-efficient.

So you must take the necessary steps and keep your bike tuned to give better fuel economy.
Today I will share some tips with you and if you follow it I am sure your mileage will increase.

1. Do Proper Servicing and Maintenance to increase the mileage of bike

Mechanic Servicing motorcycle for better fuel economy
Servicing of motorcycle is very important!

To Increase the Mileage of your bike, you must give your bike for Servicing in an authorized servicing center in regular interval.

Make sure you tell your mechanic to clean the bike carburetor and bike fuel injector.

You should always clean your carburetor or fuel injector in 5 to 6 months.

Keeping your bike carburetor or fuel injector clean will help to increase the fuel efficiency and mileage of your bike.

2. Use good quality Engine Oil for better Engine performance

how to get better fuel economy
Use good quality Engine Oil to get better fuel economy!

Just like you need healthy food, your bike Engine also need good quality engine oil to keep Running! Engine oil is very crucial when it comes to Engine’s Health and Efficiency which ultimately helps to increase the mileage of bike. If you want to know how to increase fuel efficiency of bike then you should definitely read the benefits of using good quality Engine Oil.

2.1 Here are some benefits of using good quality Engine Oil!

  • The Engine oil will help to lubricate all the parts inside the engine, therefore reducing the friction and increasing the fuel efficiency and performance.
  • Without engine oil, there will be a lot of friction between the Piston, Piston rings and bearing due to those components may suffer wear and tear (heating issue as well) and hence it reduces efficiency, therefore, Engine oil lubricates all the parts and helps to keep the engine run smoothly, protects the components and improves its efficiency. 
  • Engine oil also protects the engine from the overheating issue by reducing friction inside the engine when the piston moves, so, by providing lubrication by the engine oil, we can surely save our engine from heating issues.
  • A good Quality Engine oil will keep your Engine active and in good condition for a longer period. So it is always recommended that you keep changing your Engine oil on a regular basis and always use good quality Engine Oil. 

3. Clean Clogged Air Filter for better Fuel Combustion and Mileage

Clean Clogged Air Filter to improve bike Mileage
Clean air filter of your bike

The Air Filter is like the nose from where the engine breath to get air for combustion!
The Air filter helps to send the air inside the engine for better fuel combustion.

Therefore if the Air filter is clogged then the proper air will not enter the engine resulting in incomplete combustion and fuel loss.

3.1 Effect of damaged and clogged air filter in motorcycle!

The proper time to time maintenance of the motorcycle air filter is very necessary. It has to make sure that the air filter is cleaned and it is not damaged.

In case the motorcycle Air filter is not clogged or damaged then it can lead to various motorcycle problems such as:

  • Incomplete combustion which will lead to decreased fuel economy!
  • Black Smoke or carbon flames coming out of the exhaust.
  • Stalling Engine.
  • Motional parts of the Engine like Piston, Bearings etc can get jammed due to the dust particles which get dissolved with the engine oil making it thick!
  • The Engine will consume more Oil and the overall mileage of the bike will drop drastically.

4. Always keep Correct Tyre Pressure

Correct Tyre Pressure in motorcycle
Keep Correct Tyre Pressure in motorcycle

Keeping the Correct tyre pressure in your motorcycle is very important Since Tyre pressure plays an important role in the mileage of your bike!

If the Air pressure of your bike is less, then the surface area between the Road and tyre will increase which will lead to increased friction and more power loss.

Therefore if the tyre pressure is correct then there will be less surface area between the tyre and the road which will result in the less friction and less power usage.

So, by keeping the correct tyre pressure will help to improve the mileage of the bike.

5. Do Proper Acceleration and Avoid Harsh braking

Biker accelerating during motorcycle race
Do Proper Acceleration and Avoid Harsh braking to increase fuel efficiency of bike

Acceleration and braking are very crucial when it comes to mileage.
When you suddenly Accelerate your bike, Excess amount of Power is produced by the Engine resulting in more Fuel Consumption.

So Make sure you always ride your bike with proper gear shifts according to RPM to get the best efficiency possible

When it comes to breaking never stop your bike forcibly when not needed.
Some people have the habit of putting a sudden brake! which put a lot of stress on the Engine and eventually the fuel economy.

If you love to Race then you must check out – The Beauty & The Beast!

6. Avoid bike modification

mechanic doing bike modification
Avoid Motorcycle modification

Some people like to modify their bike with lightning, Powerful Horns, Panel, custom exhausts and Air filters which is another reason due to which the mileage of the bike gets reduced.

You know what, I have seen many people changing their bike tyre and use extra-wide Tyre for style, and then after some time, they ask how to get better fuel economy?

They Don’t realise that it’s useless to change the tyre just for the look! they don’t know that by doing this they are putting more stress on the engine.
So it is better to avoid such modifications in order to increase the mileage of the bike

7. Turn off your Engine during Traffic Jam

bikers stuck in Traffic Jam
Stuck in traffic? keep the Engine off!

If the traffic jam is more then 40 – 50 secs then you Should turn off your engine to save fuel. Also when we are riding the bike in traffic we continuously shift the gears which is another factor for fuel loss.

So if possible you should avoid traffic (But I know it’s pretty hard to do in Populated countries like India)

8. Always Park your bike under Shade

protect my bike from Sunlight
Protect your bike from Sunlight

Never park your bike under direct/open sunlight since because of excess heat the petrol gets evaporated.
You might think that it doesn’t happen but when we park our bike under sunlight a very small percentage of the petrol gets evaporated and if you do this daily then it will become a big amount in a month!

So always make sure that you park your bike under shade so that your petrol will be saved and also the paint of your bike will not fade away, this will help you to improve the mileage of your bike.

9. Keep your motorcycle lubricated!

Mechanic Lucubrating motorcycle chain
Lubricate the moving parts of motorcycle

Due to daily usage, the various parts of the bike get rusted and jammed. Therefore you should always keep your bike chain, Tyre and other moving parts lubricated. This will reduce the stress over the engine in the long run and actually helps to increase the mileage of the bike

10. Don’t overload your Bike

Can you count how many passengers are there? Tell me in the comment section!

Always make sure that you carry the load only up to the maximum limit of the bike which is given by the manufacturer!

A motorcycle is a 2 sitter vehicle and I have seen 4-5 sitting in the same bike!
Here, You have to understand that if you give more load to your Engine then it will consume more Fuel!

FAQ on how to increase the mileage of bike

  1. How to increase the mileage of a bike?

    There are various points to consider to increase the mileage of bike such as:
    1. Do Proper Servicing and Maintenance to increase the mileage of the bike
    2. Use good quality Engine Oil for better Engine performance
    3. Keep your Clogged Air Filter clean to increase the mileage of a bike
    4. Always keep Correct Tyre Pressure
    For Full Bike Maintenance guide for Mileage visit our blog

  2. Does air filter reduce mileage?

    Yes, Air filter helps to provide clean air into the engine so that combustion can take place. If Air filter is clogged then the air will not be able to reach the Engine resulting in incomplete combustion and decreased fuel efficiency.

  3. At what speed bike gives best mileage?

    According to the industries standards 50-60 Kmph is the best speed at which the bike gives best Mileage.

  4. What happens if air filter is dirty?

    If the Air filter is dirty then the air will not be able to reach the Engine resulting in incomplete combustion and the engine will consume more fuel and the fuel economy of the bike will drop.

  5. How to increase mileage of an old bike?

    To increase the Mileage of an old bike, the following things have to be done –
    1. Give your bike for servicing on regular interval!
    2. Keep your carburetor or fuel injector clean.
    3. Don’t park your bike under direct sunlight!
    4. switch off the Engine during the traffic jam.
    5. Use Good quality Engine oil for engine health.
    For Full Motorcycle, Maintenance guide visit our blog!

  6. How to increase fuel efficiency of bike?

    To increase the fuel efficiency of bike you should keep your bike in good condition, especially the engine of the bike.

  7. Which is the Best mileage bike in India in 2020?

    These are the best Mileage bike in India
    1. Honda CB Unicorn 150 – 60 Kmpl
    2. Honda CD 110 Dream- 65 kmpl
    3. Hero Glamour FI – 72 kmpl
    4. Bajaj Platina 110 -80 kmpl
    5. Hero Passion PRO i3s – 84kmpl

  8. Does servicing affect mileage of a bike?

    Truly speaking, yes it does. But after your first service, you will experience a change in the numbers. But soon after the second service, things might become better as before service, your bike is under break-in period.

  9. Does the mileage reduce in the hilly areas?

    Yes. Because of less oxygen, the fuel is not able to burn properly as it needs a good amount of oxygen for that process. So, you will definitely experience both drop in power as well as drop-in mileage.
    Here is a definitive guide to plan your motorcycle trip!

  10. How much fuel is wasted in traffic? Does traffic affect Mileage?

    Amount of fuel is wasted in traffic

    When you are stuck under heavy traffic, you would have noticed a significant drop in the mileage. It is because the engine gets stressed in the heavy traffic when we use clutch and throttle again and again. It results in less efficiency. On the other hand, when you ride on less traffic areas, you get pretty good mileage for that reason alone. According to a study it was found that Collectively, about 3 billion gallons of fuel was wasted in 2014 – in the US alone.

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