Advanced Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) system instantly calculates ideal throttle valve opening based on movement detected at the throttle grip

Peak power output has been increased on the MT-10 SP’s engine by 5.5 hp, making it a total of 164 @ 11,500 rpm

The 4.2-inch TFT instrument console conveys all information you need

Electronically adjustable semi-active Öhlins suspension's settings can be instantly changed while on the move

A six-axis IMU in the MT-10 SP featuring two sensors that measure three-axis angular velocity and three-axis acceleration

This six-axis IMU enables a suite of rider aids including lean-sensitive traction control, a Slide Control System (SCS), lean-sensitive ABS and much more

Braided steel brake lines are fitted as standard on the MT-10 SP, providing a better feel at the lever and more protection from outrageous temperatures and fade under track conditions

An advanced Quick Shift System (QSS) is standard on the MT-10 SP to enable quick, clutchless shifting both up and down the gearbox

Yamaha Variable Speed Limiter (YVSL) enables the rider to set a maximum speed limit for the motorcycle to ensure the rider-selected speed isn't inadvertently surpassed

Yamaha MT-10 SP carries a $2,900 premium over the base model