Aston Martin AMB 001

The 1st motorcycle in history with Aston Martin wings!

Aston Martin enters the Motorcycle Business!

The limited-edition motorcycle was developed in partnership with Brough Superior, another English motorcycle company. 

The Aston Martin AMB 001 is designed specifically for track use. Its design is considered one of the most striking motorcycle designs in recent years. 

Built for Track

Aston Martin AMB 001  V-twin Engine 

The turbocharged V-twin engine is paired with a six-speed sequential transmission. This allows for precise gear changes, which is essential for track use.

MB 001 Motorcycle  Speed

AMB 001 is powered by a turbocharged 997cc double-overhead-cam V-twin engine. The engine produces 183bhp, which is impressive considering the bike's lightweight construction.

The AMB 001's extensive use of lightweight materials gives it a dry weight of only 180kg  This translates to a power-to-weight ratio in excess of 900bhp per tonne. 

The AMB 001 features forged aluminium wheels, which are lightweight and strong. The bike's body is made of structural carbon fibre, which further reduces its weight.

The AMB 001 combines classic Brough Superior design features with modern Aston Martin design elements. 

Aston Martin has already sold 100 Motorcycles!

Aston martin AMB 001 Price in United Kingdom

The Aston Martin AMB 001 launch price is 108,000 Euros